2011 m. rugsėjo 3 d., šeštadienis

This is it!

This is it. Luggage packed, I’m sitting on a sofa, having last cup of coffee, waiting for my landlord to come to give back the keys. Unbelievable how fast those 2 years have passed. I could write a book in five volumes about the amazing life I’ve had, inspiring people I met, best friends I made… Never thought that 2 years, what seems so long, actually can be so short. 

And now it is a beginning of continuous wandering around the world. One thing I know for sure – Vilnius is and will always be my home. Big enough to find any kinds of activities and to get surprised, small enough not to get tired of city life.

Last evening in the city was so good. First we visited my friend’s/ex-flatmate’s new apartment. She got engaged and bought a place to live. Still a lot of work to do to convert it into a living place, but all looked nice. So we all sat on a bed (the only place where it was possible to get all the people as there is no sofa yet), had wine, olives, cheese and chatted about experiences in painting walls, scrubbing floors, constructing wardrobes. Thumbs up!
Later on in the evening we got into the Old Green House to watch basketball match between Lithuania and Turkey as the European basketball championship is going on. What a drama! I was having heart attacks quite frequently as the match was going point to point. Nevertheless finally we won. Endless joy! Next time Spain is on the menu, let’s pray for the victory.

The rest part of the evening passed really fast and honestly I have indistinct memories about it. Not because I was drunk, but because we visited so many great places in the old town that the views mixed up with the emotions and it all became one tasty yet hard to remember cocktail. 

The ending was hilarious! We found ourselves eating BigMac with French fries at 2 a.m. Sounds pathetic? Maybe, but at the right time in the right mood it’s the perfect place to finish the party.

Finally, I and Goda tried to catch the morning sun. Tried… Never trust the weather forecast. We took this failure as a sign that we’ll have to come back again to make a perfect photo shoot.

And so far one more picture of adorable sunset after the rain that I used to see through my window. 

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