2011 m. rugsėjo 26 d., pirmadienis

In 30 days...

... at this time I'll be flying somewhere above the Black Sea to my new home for a while - Delhi. Everyone keeps telling me "wow! youre brave...", "wow, thats a challenge..." with a slight horror and amusement on their faces. But you know what, I want this challenge! More than anything else.
So I'm preparing. Making lists of what to take, what to buy, what to read, what vaccination to get, how to pack my life in 30 kilos...
I bought a book, Shantaram. A story about true India. Read only 30 pages so far, but seems like this will be my obsession for the next month. This book is like a magnet - once you take it, can't let go.

Indian summer came to Lithuania! Enjoying it every second I can! On sunday me and Goda made a round-trip of Kaunas. Some moments captured by her. Such a warm and sunny day!

Some nice music for the evening and I'm going to continue with my new obsession. Shantaram!

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