2011 m. rugsėjo 5 d., pirmadienis

Monday afternoon

The second evening back home at my parents. After 6 years. Simply can’t believe it.

I’m living now in my brother’s room, as he is studying in another city. The challenge of yesterday and today was to put all my clothes, shoes, books and many many small things somewhere in the room! Wardrobes are bundled, shelves are bursting… Well this will be a task of the coming week, how to organize everything...

Today I started thinking about autumn. I love when the weather becomes chilly, easier to breathe. When leaves become gold. When I can pull out my jacket and experiment with colorful scarfs and socks. September is always magic, with many birthdays and a slight transition from leisured mood to concentration on new works.

Autumn morning, warm and dreamy.. Happened last year. Time to repeat?
Can not stop listenning...

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