2011 m. rugpjūčio 24 d., trečiadienis

Family holidays

I LOVE holidays with family!
Every summer we pack a full car and leave home for a week. To the sea or lake. This summer it was sea. We always choose less crowded places, like this one -  Olando kepure.

The weather was not pleasant at all, rainy, windy... Not surprising actually, that is called the real Lithuanian summer. Nevertheless in the evenings somehow magically the sun used to appear and we were enjoying beautifull sunsets.

Apart from cozy mornings I love such holidays because this is the only time in the year when we all play domino. Like in the childhood, when ALIAS, UNO and Poker did not existed (or we just did not know about those non-Soviet Union games).

I should dig in the boxes at home to find chess and draughts. These were my favourite games when I was 5 years old! Since I will be living with my parents for a month (hopefully AIESEC will finally give me a reply and I will pack for a long trip), we could play those games again. Like in the childhood.

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