2011 m. rugsėjo 29 d., ketvirtadienis

Its official!

I'm 25. Though I preffer staying 18 forever.
Something has really changed, can't say exactly what. Will need some time to figure this out :)

Picture taken in Croatia, Zadar, by Goda. 2010 summer.

I coloured my nails red and binned some old things that were haunting me for a while...
I'm feeling flattered to get so many greetings from friends. Especially from those I haven't heard for quite some time!
I must say this again - Life is goooooood!

Skye island, Scotland. Summer 2009.

2011 m. rugsėjo 26 d., pirmadienis

In 30 days...

... at this time I'll be flying somewhere above the Black Sea to my new home for a while - Delhi. Everyone keeps telling me "wow! youre brave...", "wow, thats a challenge..." with a slight horror and amusement on their faces. But you know what, I want this challenge! More than anything else.
So I'm preparing. Making lists of what to take, what to buy, what to read, what vaccination to get, how to pack my life in 30 kilos...
I bought a book, Shantaram. A story about true India. Read only 30 pages so far, but seems like this will be my obsession for the next month. This book is like a magnet - once you take it, can't let go.

Indian summer came to Lithuania! Enjoying it every second I can! On sunday me and Goda made a round-trip of Kaunas. Some moments captured by her. Such a warm and sunny day!

Some nice music for the evening and I'm going to continue with my new obsession. Shantaram!

2011 m. rugsėjo 21 d., trečiadienis

33 ways

Here is what I found browsing my favourite blogs.
 This will be my resolution for the next quarter of age.

2011 m. rugsėjo 15 d., ketvirtadienis

What do you do...

...when realize that dreams are coming true?

 Finally it's clear, I'm going to INDIA!

Butterflies dance cancan in my stomach.
I want to climb up the roof and screem my guts out.
The only thing I regret is that I haven't made this step a year ago.
And who says, that quarter of age is the end of youth?

Ech, life is beautiful!

2011 m. rugsėjo 11 d., sekmadienis

Saturday evening – Let’s go to the cinema!

Le petit Nicolas.
This is one of the most hilarious and inspiring movies I‘ve seen and it definitelly stands in my top list (next to Chocolat and Into the wild). I was laughing during the whole movie and for the next 3 hours back home.
It is a story about a boy, Nicolas, who lives a happy life with his family and friends. But one day he realizes that soon he will have a younger brother and will have to share parents‘ love with him. What to do???

This is a must-see, especially on a moody day!

2011 m. rugsėjo 9 d., penktadienis

Friday afternoon

A cup of coffee...
 ...2 new books from a library (A trip to Iran & Mother Africa)...
...and a dream...

In 3 weeks I'm turning 25. When seeing this picture of celebrating b-day, I regret I was not born in summer...

Inspiration from Olivet

2011 m. rugsėjo 5 d., pirmadienis

Monday afternoon

The second evening back home at my parents. After 6 years. Simply can’t believe it.

I’m living now in my brother’s room, as he is studying in another city. The challenge of yesterday and today was to put all my clothes, shoes, books and many many small things somewhere in the room! Wardrobes are bundled, shelves are bursting… Well this will be a task of the coming week, how to organize everything...

Today I started thinking about autumn. I love when the weather becomes chilly, easier to breathe. When leaves become gold. When I can pull out my jacket and experiment with colorful scarfs and socks. September is always magic, with many birthdays and a slight transition from leisured mood to concentration on new works.

Autumn morning, warm and dreamy.. Happened last year. Time to repeat?
Can not stop listenning...

2011 m. rugsėjo 3 d., šeštadienis

This is it!

This is it. Luggage packed, I’m sitting on a sofa, having last cup of coffee, waiting for my landlord to come to give back the keys. Unbelievable how fast those 2 years have passed. I could write a book in five volumes about the amazing life I’ve had, inspiring people I met, best friends I made… Never thought that 2 years, what seems so long, actually can be so short. 

And now it is a beginning of continuous wandering around the world. One thing I know for sure – Vilnius is and will always be my home. Big enough to find any kinds of activities and to get surprised, small enough not to get tired of city life.

Last evening in the city was so good. First we visited my friend’s/ex-flatmate’s new apartment. She got engaged and bought a place to live. Still a lot of work to do to convert it into a living place, but all looked nice. So we all sat on a bed (the only place where it was possible to get all the people as there is no sofa yet), had wine, olives, cheese and chatted about experiences in painting walls, scrubbing floors, constructing wardrobes. Thumbs up!
Later on in the evening we got into the Old Green House to watch basketball match between Lithuania and Turkey as the European basketball championship is going on. What a drama! I was having heart attacks quite frequently as the match was going point to point. Nevertheless finally we won. Endless joy! Next time Spain is on the menu, let’s pray for the victory.

The rest part of the evening passed really fast and honestly I have indistinct memories about it. Not because I was drunk, but because we visited so many great places in the old town that the views mixed up with the emotions and it all became one tasty yet hard to remember cocktail. 

The ending was hilarious! We found ourselves eating BigMac with French fries at 2 a.m. Sounds pathetic? Maybe, but at the right time in the right mood it’s the perfect place to finish the party.

Finally, I and Goda tried to catch the morning sun. Tried… Never trust the weather forecast. We took this failure as a sign that we’ll have to come back again to make a perfect photo shoot.

And so far one more picture of adorable sunset after the rain that I used to see through my window.