2011 m. rugpjūčio 21 d., sekmadienis


A recipe of chocolate pie that became my favourite [of course after my moms appie pie :)].

200g dark chocolate;
250g butter;
3 eggs;
200g sugar;
150g flour;
2 spoons dark cacao;
1 pinch of salt;
1/4 tea spoon baking-powder;
100g caramel

Dissolve butter and chocolate. Lightly mix eggs and sugar in another bowl. In the third bowl mix flour with salt, cacao and baking-powder. Pour chocolate and butter into eggs. Then add flour. Grease baking tray, line baking paper, pour the mix. Then imagine how big the slices of cake will be and put a tea spoon of caramel into each square.
Bake 25 min in 170C.

Recipe borrowed from here --> http://beatosvirtuve.lt/shop/beatos-virtuve


Have you seen the movie Chocolat?
I could watch it again and again...

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